Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mmm Mocha Scraps

I am a Sudoku fanatic, you could possibly classify me as an addict.  Tucked away in many strategic places in the house are books of Sudoku puzzles that I can pull out whenever I feel like it.  Road trips I am all over it.  My family teases me about it!

So, when I had some scraps left from my great Mocha Madness Quilt I knew I wanted to make a scrappy wall hanging.  I am so bad at doing random placement, I put the pieces out there randomly then look at them and say no, that one is to close to that one that is the same and on and on until it drives me nuts!  There has to be an easier way I thought to myself.  SUDOKU!  I excalimed.  I can do a puzzle and quilt at the same time. 

I found 9 fabrics that I could cut 9 two and a half inch squares from and labeled them 1 through 9.  Then I pulled out one of my trusty books and chose a puzzle to get to work on.  Laying out the pieces that are given to you I started filling in the blanks.  Then before I knew it I had my random layout and a great new wall hanging.  Added some borders and here is the end result became Mmmm Mocha for sale on my website for $54.99


TheNikiProject said...

Haha! Now that's a clever way to put an addiction to good use! "But it was for my project, I swear!" Lol

Dionne said...

Oh this is so lovely! Good job, I love it!

Mami Made It said...

Great wall hanging and I love Sudoku too.

QuiltieComments said...

What an awesome idea!! I love Sudoku too! I'm going to try this idea.

QuiltieComments said...

Oh, but first I wanted to say that your piece is beautiful, good job!

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