Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Tree is Complete!

With Spring Break for my kids last week my time got limited and I needed to get the tree quilt to it's new home.  Unfortunately I don't have detailed pictures on my process for the final steps, but I will use the completed pictures to highlight the steps.

After I have my sandwich put together I select my bobbin thread color to match the backing and then a green thread that compliments all of the leaf colors.  I then use a small zig zag stitch to secure the edges of the leaves to the quilt.  This gives the leaves a leafy feel and ensures that they will never come off.

Working my way around the quilt until all of the leaves are secured.  Then I switch my top thread to a brown and use a small zig zag to secure the edges of the trunk.

Next I quilt the rest of the quilt.  This one I decided to use a medium meander.  You could do less quilting if you desired, but I like everything to stay put and not look like the fabrics are sagging or held loosely together.

I quilted the interior with a cream thread and the border with a black using the same bobin thread throughout.

Next you need to bind in your favorite manner.  I have tried many ways but my tried and true method is to:

1.Join my strips, 5-1/2 needed for this quilt, by putting the ends at a 90 degree to each other and sewing across the diagonal. 

2. Press the strip lengthwise in half with wrong sides together.

3. Leave a tail at the beginning of about 9 inches, reinforce stitch to start, then on the front of the quilt line the cut edge of the binding with the cut edge of the quilt.  Sew 1/4 inch from the edge around the perimeter stopping about 18 inches from where you started.

4. Here comes the tricky part, lay the 9 inch tail along the quilt edge then overlap the 18" piece over the top.  Mark with a pin on the long tail where the short tail ends.  Open flat the two ends of binding.  With right sides together put the 9" piece at 90 degree to the longtail with the edge at the pin.  Pin across the diagonal and fold open testing that when joined it will connect one end to the other in a straight strip.  Sew across the diagonal and trim 1/4" from stitch line.  Open up and press in half.

5. Stitch remaining section of binding down to quilt.

6. Turn the binding to the back and whip stitch along the stitch line from the front.

The binding completes the quilt.

This quilt will become a family heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.  The construction is such that it can be washed and loved and used.



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