Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mmm Mocha Scraps

I am a Sudoku fanatic, you could possibly classify me as an addict.  Tucked away in many strategic places in the house are books of Sudoku puzzles that I can pull out whenever I feel like it.  Road trips I am all over it.  My family teases me about it!

So, when I had some scraps left from my great Mocha Madness Quilt I knew I wanted to make a scrappy wall hanging.  I am so bad at doing random placement, I put the pieces out there randomly then look at them and say no, that one is to close to that one that is the same and on and on until it drives me nuts!  There has to be an easier way I thought to myself.  SUDOKU!  I excalimed.  I can do a puzzle and quilt at the same time. 

I found 9 fabrics that I could cut 9 two and a half inch squares from and labeled them 1 through 9.  Then I pulled out one of my trusty books and chose a puzzle to get to work on.  Laying out the pieces that are given to you I started filling in the blanks.  Then before I knew it I had my random layout and a great new wall hanging.  Added some borders and here is the end result became Mmmm Mocha for sale on my website for $54.99

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mocha Madness Featured

Woke up to a rainy day today, knew I should have mowed the lawn one last time yesterday, darn!  Going through my normal routine and found that my Mocha Madness quilt has been featured in not one, but count the TWO treasuries!  The first was created by dorothydomingo called Clay...Quilts...Cozy and cozy it is!

Dorothy makes some fabulous clay pottery, her shop is absoultely wonderful.  It reminds me of all the time we would spend at our cabin in the SanJuan Islands as a girl.  Here are my favorite items from her shop:

The second treasury was curated by a great teammate from my Quiltsy team.  It is called Earth and Sky and Minimade was the creative force behind this beautiful collection.

Mini has a great collection of the most beautiful tea cozies I have ever seen, fabulous quilts, bags and other quilted accessories for your home.  Check some of these great items out at her shop:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a Treasury Day!

Found another opportunity to post a treasury and much to my surprise was featured in one too. 

First, the one I created was inspired by my new Daisy Handpainted Journal.  I called it Lazy Daisy:

Featured shops in this treasury are fotostrudel, leprintemps, QuiltingDiva, kari1121, SuzyQQuilts, Ticklebean, bellebabyboutique, Lori411, lmkquilts, pamelaquilts, buttonboutique, and riveredgedesigns.   Alternates for this treasury were cottontailquiltsfotostrudel, annariver and gingersnappz.  Click on their shop name to see what item was selected.

Crossing my fingers and toes and squinting with one eye closed I checked craftopolis again juuust in case I might, maybe, possible be included in someone else's treasury.  I WAS!  It is beautiful and called Finds in Opalesence by frillsandfluff.

Featured in a Treasury!

Woke up this morning, went through the usual routine: Wake up son, do some sewing, wake up son again, go make lunch, push son out of bed, warm up the computer, kick sleepy son out the door to school, then start my computer time.  "It'll have to be quick today" I told myself.  Still have to get 35 tote bags for a wedding finished and off to the post office, then a charcoal grey felted purse needs to get most of the way done and I want to get a couple more journals started for listing as well as start prepping for the bazaar on the 7th.  "Just a few minutes won't hurt" I conviced myself.  So off to craftopolis to check the treasuries and the clock :

I just about jumped out of my chair, I'm in a treasury....made by someone else!  One of my fantastic Quiltsy Teammates has included me in this great treasury of beautiful quilts.

Other featured quilters and teammates are:  lmkquilts, MountainHomeQuilts, Quiltville, Suzyqquilts, QuiltLover, SFOQuilter, FrostCottage, QuiltPetaler, QuiltingCorner, Warmnfuzzies.  Check out their great shops by clicking on the shop name. 

Ok, so now that I have spent more than a quick moment, off to my studio I go!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mmmm Mmmm Mocha

As my son stumbled out the door...late for the bus...I opened Treasury West and what do you know it was just in time.  I was able to post this great treasury that I have been gathering items for.  Featured sellers are: StitchLisa, TrashandTrinkets, holzfurhaus, uniquelynancy, SuzyQQuilts, smittenkittenorig, patriciacha, allthenumbers, QuiltSewCover, SweetSydneyBean and DukeStreetDuchess.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and visit their great shops by clicking on their shop names.  Visit Mmmm Mmmm Mocha soon before it goes away!

Alternates for this treasury are: TracyDesigns, Lovebugstudios, Sixguannie and LvoffStudio.  See their items by clicking on their shop names.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cobalt Blue Treasury

After waiting for weeks and missing by a few minutes here and there I snagged a Treasury West. It turned out fantastic. I just love this color! It makes me think of the Carribean Sea and a sandy white beach and a frosty drink with an umbrella in it. Click on the screen shot below to click and comment and help it move up the hotness list.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mocha Madness

I have found my new favorite quilt. I finished stitching the last few stitches in the binding late last night and got some great pictures first thing this morning.

I purchased these great fabrics about a year ago and have been dying to work with them. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. I have large gerber daisies and gorgeous african daisies in my garden each summer along with a smattering of traditional white daisies.

I love how the fabrics combine rich warm browns with cooler greys and blacks. It makes me want to snuggle up in front of the fire with a big mug of hot chocolate and a great movie.

This quilt can be purchased in my shop suzyqquilts on etsy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Custom Orders

Last week the number of custom orders that I have on my board doubled! I am feeling blessed. But now, how to get them done in time!?! Work, work, work...too bad I can't whistle. Here are just a couple of the fun new projects I have gotten to work on.
First was this great glitter sling bag for biggerkrissy on etsy.

Next was this great address book. It was so fun to make I just might have to create one for myself. In this project I got to create the page layouts, have the printer cut and bind and then made the fabric cover.

Recently Sold!

Wow! What a week yesterday. I sold 5 journals and need to make more to restock my shop! Several sold after being listed for less than a day. Looks like I found a color combination or two that appeal to those shoppers out there.

If you are looking for one of my great journal covers there are three left still so just click on one of the pictures below and check them out!



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