Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Box, Felt and a Can of Glue

Last night at 6:30 pm my darling daughter informed my husband and I, just as we are slicing some yummy Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner, that she needs a costume for the school play tomorrow.  After I picked my jaw up from the floor and the panicked look subsided from my husbands face we asked "what does your costume need to be?".  "I'm Spongebob" she says with a huge smile.  Ohhhh noooo, were the first thoughts that went through my head.

So to get a better idea of what I was in for I ask her what time she needs her costume for.  She explains that the parent performance is at 7:00 at night, but wait...there's more, we have a kid performance during the day so I need to take my costume with me to school.

JoAnn's doesn't open til 9, so that leaves tonight.  We finish dinner, then my husband and I set out on a mission to get supplies to make a Spongebob costume.  First stop JoAnn's.  We find Yellow Felt by the yard, White and Brown for his pants...but what else do we need?  We found a piece of fleece with Spongebob on it and realize that we need to make a big face on it, so pick up some blue for the eyes and red for the tie.  Our next dilema, how are we going to make her square.  We head over to the foam department, throw around a couple of ideas, but the cost and how to put it together are a problem.  So, we head over to the cutting counter and decide to ask for a box.  Sure, we have plenty of boxes says the nice lady behind the counter taking pity on us for having to make this costume at the last minute.  We go to the back and find the perfect box, figure out how much felt we need and off we go to try and put it together.

Gary tapes the box back together into a box shape (it had been flattened), then cuts a hole for the head, a square out of the bottom and round holes for the arms.  Now it's my turn.  I wrap the bottom in brown felt, a band of white and the top in yellow cutting out the arm and head holes.  While doing that Gary makes eyes shirt lapels and a tie.  Some spray glue later and a few more details with a sharpie and Wha Lah! Spongebob.

We look at each other and say "Who knew you could make this with a box, some felt and a can of spray glue!"


kimbuktu said...

This turned out so adorable! Hard to believe you whipped it up on a day's notice.

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