Thursday, February 25, 2010

President's Weekend

Thursday night before president's weekend my husband Gary says "I want to go on a road trip".  Ok, I say thinking "I need to get away too", "but we have to be back Monday night".  So off he goes to plan the trip.  "We're going to San Francisco" he tells us.  Uhhhhh that's a long way away do you think we can get there and back in time?

Well true to form nothing get's packed Thursday night and he wants to leave at 5:30 am to get an early start.  So here we are Friday morning trying to get everyone packed and going.  I don't think we actually left the driveway til about 9:30 or 10.  That's 4+ hours behind schedule and he wanted to be in Astoria for breakfast...NOT!

Late start aside we had a great time.  Here are some pictures to take you along our trip.

The first day was rainy and cold down the WA/OR coast.  The surf was sooo huge, it was GORGEOUS!

Our first pit stop for sightseeing was in Oregon at a little pull out called Devil's Cauldron.  My honey commented before making an abrupt exit from the highway "Anything with the name Devil in it is worth seeing".

"Mom, that waves HUGE.  Take the picture QUICK!"

Back in the GEOJEEP we go to get further down the coast.  After lunch we stopped at a great little beach to stretch our legs and play a little. 

The boys found a rock to climb and Sierra and I headed for the beach.

Sierra's footprints in the sand and she finds a rock her size to scale.

Family photo moment (you know I'm there cause we have a picture).

Sierra and Tanner decide to play chicken with some waves....Sierra lost.

Next we decided to try and make it to the Redwoods and see Paul Bunyon.  We made it there, but 10 minutes too late to take the tour.  Paul and Babe still greeted us for a little rest before the next stretch of driving.

We did find a cool tree to drive through though.

Day 3, we made it to San Francisco!  Too bad this is as close to Alcatraz as we could get.  We will have to spend more time next time so we can go.

As the sun set on San Francisco we headed up Highway 1 deciding we were going to give it one last try to get to the Redwoods the next day and take the tour.

Day 4, we made it!  With just an hour to spare before the tour closed, but boy it was worth it!

The Brotherhood tree is HUGE
Then we took a ride up the gondola to the top of the mountain
Check out this stump!
How'd you like a dog this size?
Tanner and the "Pooped Logger".  I'm a pooped logger after all this driving...

Well that's about all the fun we could handle, now we need to get home QUICK!  What a great vacation, we'll have to do this again.


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