Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday Feb 1st Adventure!

We had so much fun on our last adventure that since the kids were out of school for a teacher work day we decided it was time for another.  Too much being cooped up in the house this gloomy week and we had the itch to go somewhere.  Where to though?

Vancouver BC...White Rock...Baker Lake...Nope, Mt.Baker Hwy again.  There was a logging road that we had scoped out the last time we were out and about, but didn't have time to see where it went to.  We knew there was a trailhead at the end so there wouldn't be any gates, but could we get there this time of year was the question.

Off we went.  About a mile down the road we found a neat pull out with about 6-7 campsites.  Here is a view from the backyard of our favorite one:

We decided that this will definitely be on our list this summer.  A great pool of glacier fed water to dip your feet into on a hot summer day with the rush of the river in the background.  What a great way to relax!

As I was taking pictures the natives got restless and I got the "Let's GO" signal:

I did talk the kidlets into one last picture though:

Up the mountain trail we headed.  There were beautiful views of the mountains and valleys below as we climbed and climbed.  There were also some amazing waterfalls along the roadside.  I was able to talk our driver into slowing for just a moment to capture this one:

About halfway up the trail we hit snow...literally...no further for us today, darn!

We marked the spot on the GPS and this was a unanimous vote for MUST come back again.


Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Looks so peaceful!! Great pictures!

kimbuktu said...

I especially like the picture of your son and daughter looking so happy together. Looks like you all had a fun day!

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