Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday Adventure!

My husband walked into my studio yesterday and stated "I'm going on an adventere".  " are you going by yourself?" I asked curiously.  "I don't have anyone else to go with do I?" he responded impatiently.  "So what am I chopped liver?" I said astounded.  "Well then, Let's go!" he stated and turned and walked away. 

Not wanting to get left behind I got my embroidery machine a humming and grabbed my coat and we were off.  We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Northwest Washington.  With the unusually mild winter we have had we took advantage of the sunshine and went exploring in our trusty GEOJEEP.

We always nickname our cars, this one is GEOJEEP becuase we love Geocaching as a family and this is the vehicle that always get's us there. 

To start our adventure we headed up toward Mt.Baker Ski Area and took an inviting looking logging road.  It was bumpy and tossed me around a bit, but it was worth the drive.  At the end of the road we hopped out and explored.  Not very far was a river with some beautiful scenery:

We also found a dam that created a waterfall.  My husband decided that he could easily get across the river and explore a little more by hopping on the sand bar in the middle, looked pretty packed.  Well he took the first jump and landed where he wanted to, but it wasn't solid!  He sunk about halfway up his calf and moved across that river like he was jumpin on hot rocks.  He decided to take the safe way back:

The next road we took we found a great place called Nooksack Falls.  It was soo beautiful.  The falls were so high and the cool green glacial water just rushed over the edge and into the river below.

I got the camera wrangled out of my hands to prove that I actually was there too.

Definitely a place full of history and one we would like to go back and explore some more...soon!


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